Professional Experience

I have been a subreviewer for the following conferences:

I was also on the student program committee for:

In addition, I have been a teaching assistant (tutor) for the following subjects:

  • INN/INB355 – Cryptology and Protocols (SEM2, 2013)
  • MAN210/MXB101 – Probability and Stochastic Modelling (SEM1 2014)
  • INB255 – Security (SEM1 2014)
  • CAB203 – Discrete Structures (SEM1 2015)
  • CAB340 – Cryptography (SEM2 2016)

I was also a Microsoft Research Intern during the Summer Internship program of 2014. My mentor was Greg Zaverucha, and we worked on Authenticating Network Time Synchronization.┬áI was a CSG/Intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge in March – June 2016, working with Markulf Kohlweiss on a cryptographic model of the miTLS protocol.